Come join us

on a unique project worldwide FreMEn contra Covid, that came to life in the Chronorobotics laboratory of Czech Technical university in Prague and has already echoed in the scientific community all around the globe.

Help us, as well as yourself, in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. Unlike todays mainstream ideas, we chose prevention over restriction, anonymity over surveillance and volunteering over obligation.

Our system is build upon a breaking-edge artificial intelligence FreMEn, which is capable to create waste spatio-temporal maps and provide recommendations for a safer navigation in a world full of threat by virus.

It can't succeed alone. It needs you, to participate on a strictly anonymous collecting of relevant data from individual places in space ant time, that will not end up in database of large technological companies.

Join us! Become FreMEn! Install our app and help us build a responsible community!

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Where do you measure

This map is only illustrative! All displayed data has been modified and their accuracy is bellow 1 km.
Thus, exact location of individual points is irrelevant. What is interesting is the overall distribution of collected measurements.